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Company Philosophy
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people to prevent, manage, and transform the destructive effects of conflict.

Our Philosophy

Conflict is inevitable, and how it's managed helps people to capitalize on the tranformative strengths and potential positive outcomes conflict can offer. We believe that a pro-active approach is the best defense, and help companies and individuals to stay ahead of the curve. We work with employers to implement policies, procedures, and documentation that help to reduce risks to both employees and productivity. Less risk means more opportunity for continued jobs and profitability.

We help to empower individuals to identify and communicate their needs and interests, in order to be able to make sound decisions about important life decisions that impact their person, family, relationships, and employment.

We strive for a team approach in working with an employer's human resource staff and other contracted benefits, medical, and legal professionals so as to be a supportive and coordinated source of knowledge, communication, research, industry contact, and product procurement.

Using a facilitative approach, we work to promote and enhance the goal of peaceful and productive communication between parties. Where there is peace, cooperation and productivity follow.

While we build on past experience, we take an individualized approach in applying the best custom solution possible for each situation and every client. 


K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
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