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Our mission is to help people and organizations to prevent, manage, and transform the destructive effects of conflict.
Conflict is ever present in our daily lives, both in us and between us...starting from the moment the alarm clock goes off in the morning! As we work with differences, decisions, resources, and relationships, varying levels of conflict are present. What matters is how we manage conflicts within our world of influence. If not managed properly, conflict can become destructive to individuals, relationships, and organizations. We promote and enhance peaceful communication between people. Where there's peace, cooperation and productivity follow.

Within organizations we endeavor to help employers and their insurers remain compliant with California and Federal disability, leave of absence, and human resource laws, so as to foster an environment of reduced risk and open communication, in which all employees can maximize their abilities, strengths, and vocational opportunities to the fullest extent possible.

With individuals and groups, we strive to assist people to work through difficult conflicted transitions within their personal lives and at work.

Picking the right consulting and mediation firm can be challenging. You want a service provider that has experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas.  Our firm has the training, knowledge, and expertise to help people experience improved communication and opportunity for growth.

Our service areas include: conflict transformation / mediation, disability management, vocational counseling, and human resource consultation surrounding disability administration.  

We emphasize open and honest communication, pro-activity, creativity, careful analysis, and detailed documentation in all services we provide.  By looking at the abilities of both the worker and enterprise to focus on and accommodate the needs of each other, we help employers to provide the needed structure in order to keep people working. We help individuals to find meaning and restore balance in their world.

This site provides information about our background and describes the different services we offer. Please get in touch for more information and to join our mailing list.

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K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
P.O. Box 28487, San José, CA 95159-8487 • Fax (408) 287-6189 • Phone (408) 287-6188