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Listening for Better Outcomes to Disability & Conflict
Our Service Areas Include:
  • Mediation & Conflict Transformation
  • Interactive Process Facilitation 
  • Disability SAW / RTW Case Management
  • Vocational Counseling
With Organizations: to help employers and their insurers remain compliant with California & Federal disability, workers comp, HR, and leave of absence laws, so as to foster an environment of reduced risk and open communication, in which all employees can maximize their abilities, strengths, and vocational opportunities.

With Employees, Individuals & Groups: to assist people communicate and work through difficult conflicted transitions within their work & personal lives.

Conflict is ever present in our daily lives, both in us and between us...starting the moment the alarm clock rings! As people interface with variable (dis)abilities, differences, resources, and relationships, conflict is present - some good, some bad. What matters is how we navigate the bad times. If not managed well, conflict can grow to become destructive to individuals, relationships, and organizations. We promote effective communication between people, to foster peace, cooperation, and productivity.


We emphasize open and honest communication, pro-activity, creativity, careful analysis, and detailed documentation in all our services. By reviewing needs and abilities of all parties, we help employers to provide the needed structure to help employees stay at work and return to work. We help individuals find meaning to restore balance in their personal world.

K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
P. O. Box 256, Marina, CA 93933

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… Helping Bring Worker Abilities to Light!


K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
 P.O. Box 256 Marina, CA 93933 •  Phone (408) 287-6188