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  • FEHA / ADA Interactive Process facilitation with qualified disabled employees to explore options for reasonable accommodation in transitional, modified or alternative work
  • Mediation of business to business disputes
  • Workplace Mediation to facilitate processing and communication of employee feelings regarding perceived policy violation, discrimination, co-worker disputes or harassment
  • Medical Return-to-Work Case Management
  • Worker's Compensation Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher counseling and assistance
  • Worker's Compensation and Essential Function Job Analysis and Job Description --Written, pictorial, and video graphic display
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Research assistive or adaptive technology for job modification
  • Outplacement vocational counseling
  • Small-scale occupational research to analyze one or more occupations or job classifications, focusing on physical demand, compensation, supply & demand, knowledge-skill-abilities, career pathways, or other defined data elements.
  • Strategic planning of disability and absence management program policy, procedure, and manual development
English or Spanish Speaking Workers and Individuals:
  • Evaluation and counseling regarding residual vocational functional capacity for alternative job placement with their employer following disability
  • Vocational counseling and guidance for those seeking career transition with their employer of record following disability, needing outplacement assistance after a layoff or looking to make a career change
  • Worker's Compensation Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher counseling and assistance
  • Mediation of work-related disputes with managers and co-workers
  • Mediation of interpersonal and familial conflicts
Worker's Compensation Insurers and Attorneys:
  • Medical return-to-work case management  for increased physician-employer-carrier communication; employee medical treatment compliance; focused attention on residual worker abilities; identification of transitional, modified and alternative work  options; and early return to work with the employer at injury
  • Job Description and Analysis
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher Counseling
  • Litigation support consultation and expert witness service regarding employability and future earning capacity determination for defense and applicant's counsel
Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:

* Over 20 years of Industry Experience

* Competitive Pricing

* Industry Specialists
* Honest and Ethical

K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
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