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What we do...

For the past several decades we have been serving individuals and the human resource benefits community with services adhereing to a strict code of professional and ethical standards.  We've earned a reputation of trust to care for the lives we touch in a professional, compassionate, and honest manner.
One on one, we focus in on the individual needs of our client and adapt a solution that works for their specific interests. With companies, we look to balance the objectives of the employer to run a profitable operation, with those of their employees who need and want to go to work every day and feel enthusiastic about their employment.
Our firm has enjoyed great success in the HR benefits, counseling, mediation, and disability management fields, and we continue to adapt to the needs of an ever evolving workforce, economy, and employment atmosphere.
We strive to stay informed about the continual changes to the legal framework affecting employers and workers. We take pride in our innovative and creative approach to working with companies who seek to stay in compliance with the law, and those individuals in transition. 

Customer Accolades

"Karen did an excellent job with all of the very difficult cases our company asked her to manage..Her ability to obtain information during an interview and her counseling skills are exceptional" - Ted T.

"Karen has an uncanny ability to target and isolate the heart of the matter and find resolution... while remaining extremely professional, she is very compassionate and understanding in providing people choices for improving their lives." - Sue D. 
"Noteworthy is Ms. Brajenovich's skill in being able to resolve the great majority of her disputes without the need for state intervention....She has performed in accordance with the CA standards govering program outcome...She's worked on some very touch cases involving both English and Spanish speakers." - Charlotte W.
"We found someone who could help us understand each other and resolve our dispute equally. Karen was very professional and friendly. The ability to dialog in mediation before having to go to court helped to avoid making this a costly event." - Diane & Ricardo P.
"Karen was excellent at facilitating dialogue. There is no question about her helpfulness and professionalism. She was very neutral about our case. Thank you so much!" - John H.
"Karen really listened to both sides, which helped to facilitate our dialog. Being able to hear the other side of the story and having a third party was very valuable. She acted very professionally." - Cindy
"Karen is an excellent mediator. She is absolutely neutral and 100% professional. It is wonderful that she speakes both English and Spanish, which was very helpful." - Ricardo R.
"Seldom do you find people discussing things from a spirituality point of view. It helped us to maintain our fellowship with each other." - Katherine S.
"The mediator was very patient, a great listener and willing to help us evaluate every possible avenue to resolve our dispute." - Reza J
" Karen helped us to reach a very fair agreement for both parties. She was very clear in facilitating our dialogue. I'm glad she was there for both of us!" - Santos
"Brajenovich Consulting is a great resource for worker injury issues. Karen is a total pro with great investigative know how." - Karen F


...Helping Companies Bring Worker Abilities to Light

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