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Karen L. Brajenovich



Since 1986, Karen Brajenovich has been active in the counseling, mediation/facilitation, disability management, and CA Worker's Compensation industries. She has owned and operated K. L. Brajenovich Consulting since 1991. 

She holds a double Bachelor's degree from San José State University in International Business Management and Spanish; a Master's degree through Universidad de Granada, Spain and San José State University in Spanish and Latin American Studies; and a Master's degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She has completed hundreds of continuing education hours in the areas of: conflict transformation, disability management, bullying and harassment, elder care, human resource management, worker's compensation, counseling, psychology, and labor market research. She has mastered additional subject matter knowledge in real estate, finance, and estate management.

She is certified as a: Professional Mediator by U.C. Berkeley and the County of Santa Clara; Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by Society For HR Management; Professional Disability Manager (CPDM) by Insurance Educational Association; Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) by Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification; and Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS) by The Back School of Atlanta. She is listed with the Department of Industrial Relations as an Independent Vocational Evaluator, Small Business Evaluator, and Vocational Return-to-Work Counselor.

She serves since 2009 with the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program, Office of Human Relations as a community volunteer, intern, and contracted court-annexed Mediator for the Superior Court. Her mediation experience covers hundreds of disputes and conflicts in the areas of: Civil Harassment / Bullying, Workplace Violence, Business & Commerce, Small Claims, Family & Probate, Parent-Teen, Victim-Offender, and Community Relations for both English and Spanish speakers. She serves as an program advisor and curriculum developer for the CREST scholastic conflict resolution program.

Working in California, México, and Central America, she has assisted in thousands of cases with post injury counseling & consultation, medical and disability case management, mediation/facilitation, and work transition; written hundreds of job analyses and job descriptions, both pictorial and video graphic; and provided litigation support and expert court testimony in dozens of worker's compensation, wrongful termination, discrimination, divorce, estate, and personal injury litigated cases.

She is an active member and participant with various conflict resolution, disability management, worker's compensation, and human resource industry professional groups, and strives to stay current on California and Federal human resource benefit laws affecting employers and employees. 

She is bilingual and biliterate in Spanish. She exhibits a strong ability for analysis and reason of complex subject matter, and is able to help others quickly get to the heart of most issues. As a very empathetic and compassionate listener, she is focused on helping others to creatively bring about their best personal solution in the quickest and most economical fashion. She takes pride in being fair, honest, and ethical. 

K. L. Brajenovich Consulting
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