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Striving for conflict or peace are individual choices. The difficulty is in the fact that once hurt feelings  arise between parties, defenses can be erected, and fixed positions are taken. Transforming conflict and repairing fractured relations can be complicated. If neither party wants to back down, people become stuck. When your communication gears are blocked within familial, personal, or business relations, mediation can help.  Mediation provides the opportunity for you to better understand what is obstructing the forward progression of communication and grease the wheels of understanding to eliminate obstacles, so that flow within personal relationships can be restored. Conflict happens, and making it work for you can create positive personal and organizational transformation.  

Why it works...Mediation brings disputing parties together with the assistance of a neutral facilitator. The mediator helps provide a structured process to allow people to speak their mind completely, as well as see, feel, hear, and understand the other party's perspective ... sometimes for the first time. The mediation process can bring about empowerment and recognition of each party's viewpoint. It helps people to identify problem areas and clear the debris from between them, so as to find solutions and the common ground that was likely there all along, but covered by negative emotions and misunderstanding. Mediation can be used to resolve an active dispute or clean up the lingering hurt feelings long after issues have been "resolved," so as to bring about the potentials for forgiveness and reconciliation between parties.
Mediation can be used in almost every familial, interpersonal, and business application. It has been proven to be a faster, less expensive, and more harmonious method to resolve disputes than other more litigous or therapeutic options. It helps to enhance and promote peaceful communication between people. Where there is peace, cooperation follows. 
Disputing parties are usually much happier with the outcome of a mediated agreement than a court-ordered decision. Mediation can be a confidential process. As a result of their own self-determination of the outcome, people are more likely to abide by the negotiated terms of the agreement. Relationships are more likely to be preserved. The beauty of mediation, is that it allows you to be in charge from beginning to end.  
Mediation Services We Provide...
  • Workplace - discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or violation of company policy
  • FEHA / ADAAA Interactive Process Facilitation (occupational or non-occupational disability) 
  • Interpersonal conflicts between couples, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or family members 
  • Post-Dispute Reconciliation
  • Eldercare issues
  • Estate Planning & Division
  • Parenting Plan / Divorce 
  • Worker's Compensation Earning Capacity / Employability
  • Business & Contract Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Single event or Pre-paid Mediation
  • Group Facilitation

Reasons to Mediate...
  1. You have a voice.  If your spouse, family, friend, employer, or co-worker has not let you speak or listened to what you have to say, the mediator can help to balance the power and make your issues and interests be clearly understood. Power is given to the people as opposed to the slicker and craftier lawyer.
  2. You choose your own mediator, but cannot choose a judge. You can select the mediator and any other subject matter experts needed to help come up with a workable solution.
  3. You will remain less stressed through mediation as a means of resolving disagreement than fighting through lawyers or going to court.
  4. You set the schedule, not a judge.
  5. You are not forced to do or agree on anything except that which you choose to accept. The solution is likely better tailored to your specific interests. You have the flexibility to try out different options until the best resolution is illuminated.
  6. You decide how formal or informal of an agreement will be crafted. It can be a less formal memorandum of understanding, or a formal agreement prepared by a lawyer of your choice for signature.
  7. You have confidential and private discussions, as opposed to being subjected to airing your personal business in an open courthouse hallway and producing records that could become public documents. Mediators records are confidential and in all but very narrow circumstances cannot be brought into court proceedings to be used against you.   
  8. You can always go to court if mediation is unsuccessful; however you can't easily reverse a court order.

Fee Schedule...
♦  Small Case Mediation - 3 hour session between two parties is flat rate fee of $300.00, paid in advance.
♦ Hourly Rate for larger cases is $150.00 per billable hour.  A down payment is required of $1,200.00 for 8 hours of professional service, which must be paid in advance of any work being completed. Fees can be paid in full by one of the parties, or split in half, with each disputant paying $600.00.
♦  Time is calculated in increments of .25 hour. Any unused hourly fees over the minimal charge of $300.00 will be refunded.  
♦  Fee adjustment of $50.00 available for services performed at the client's location.
♦  Team mediation with two or more mediators can also be arranged, and prices will vary depending on the circumstances.
♦  Special consideration is given to Non-profit, City, State, and Government Agencies.

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